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Our Purpose

To improve the health of our community through sustainable agriculture, fresh food, and education.

Vision & Strategic Directions :

Demonstrating Sustainable Urban Agriculture

RGCF operates a farm on public land using sustainable agricultural methods with the goal of growing food as well as demonstrating these methods for the farming community. RGCF blends the best of traditional agricultural practices with more progressive strategies to improve yield, conserve water, and improve soil fertility. RGCF collaborates with other farms and agencies and disseminates information as appropriate.

Growing Food for and with Our Community

RGCF operates a community garden that welcomes volunteers and encourages its members to donate produce. RGCF operates a “microfarmer” program, providing land, training, and resources for dozens of small growers, who each operate on plots ranging from 1/8 of an acre to 1 acre.

Providing Education and Training Opportunities in Agriculture

RGCF provides year round education programs and special events that teach the community about sustainable agriculture, organic gardening, nutrition, and wildlife. RGCF trains young farmers and engages them in the process of farming public land for the public good.

Enhancing Urban Wildlife Habitat

RGCF plants wildlife crops with the goal of maintaining and enhancing wildlife habitats. The community is encouraged to visit the Farm for the purposes of recreation and appreciation of the natural world.

Growing and Celebrating the Farming Community

RGCF hosts events that celebrate our own work and participates in community events sponsored by other organizations that celebrate farming and farm education in our community.