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Saturday, October 17th
9:30 am to 3:00 pm

Interested in planting milkweeds for assisting monarch migration? Curious about planting drought tolerant perennials? Love to learn about permaculture principles and landscaping?

Join us in bringing more biodiversity, habitat and shade to the community garden and Field 4 hedgerows. We received a significant and diverse donation of trees and perennials from Albuquerque Open Space and we’re excited to get them planted!

We’ll have a short morning introduction and talk by Sean Ludden our Executive Director and Farm Manager, and during lunch we’ll have other speakers discuss the importance and necessity in our desert climate to add more biodiversity and habitat to our valley, especially near fields and farmland.

For an hour volunteered with us you’ll receive a ticket for entrance to our Maize Maze so you can come enjoy it another day.

From Rio Grande cottonwoods, to buffalo berry and echinacea, we are adding to Field 4 like never before. Bring your friends and family to help bring more habitat, flowers and biodiversity to your community.

Parking is located near Alvarado Elementary, and along Nabor Rd. and Solar Rd. in the North Valley.

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