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THANK YOU for supporting Our Mission to connect people, earth, water and wildlife in an urban setting by farming sustainably, enhancing wildlife habitat, educating our community, and providing fresh, certified organic food to diverse populations.


Recurring membership helps us to plan and budget for the year to come. One of the most important roles that members play is to help RGCF pay for staff. Farming is labor intensive, and your donations enable us to provide educational programming, partnerships with other community organizations and schools, enriched wildlife habitat, and to build a model for sustainable urban agriculture in the Rio Grande Valley.

RGCF has big plans, and you can help us to

  • Cultivate new growers and support families with the land and expertise to grow healthy food.
  • Host the annual Maize Maze as a family-oriented tradition for all Burqueños.
  • Be a supportive partner of land-based organizations and businesses.
  • Benefit specific campaigns, including developing a weather station for optimal irrigation practice, providing garden rows for needy families, running a community farm tool-library, creating signage and informational materials for our diverse community, and more.

Membership Levels

  • Seed – $10/year
    • RGCF sticker, free attendace to all garden-side lectures, local business discounts
  • Soil – $30/year
    • Above + RGCF t-shirt
  • Pollinator – $70/year
    • Above + (Pollinator member exclusive: Wild bee house kit and pollinator garden tour)
  • Acequia– $100 row sponsor
    • Above + 2 passes to any one day at the Maize Maze
  • Heirloom– $200/year
    • Above + 4 passes to any one day at the Maize Maze (4 passes total)
  • Tractor (business)– $500/year
    • Tractor member exclusive: Business logo appears on RGCF website, promotional materials, and Maize Maze signage (given sufficient time for printing).
  • Sun – $1000
    • Above + Private farm to table dinner at RGCF + 2 all-inclusive Maize Maze passes or 4 passes for up to 5 days of events**.

** The Maize Maze will last most of October, with several different themed events happening throughout the month.

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Membership Level

One time donation

Recurring memberships help us to budget and plan, but if you can’t commit to a recurring membership for any reason, we understand! Please consider a one-time, tax-deductable donation to RGCF.

Mail a Check Instead?

Making a donation by check is easy! Please print out our Donation Form and mail with your check to:

Rio Grande Community Farm
1701 Montaño Rd NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

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