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SunChaser Solar Trailer

A tool built by New Mexico Solar Energy Association, ACE Leadership High School, and New Mexico Technical Institute and enriching our sustainability education.

Bird Cropping

Sorghum, hairy vetch, oats, and winter wheat forage crops are planted for native and migrating birds.


A fully automated open source farming robot for remote raised bed gardening.

Fungal-dominant Compost

Significantly increasing our crop production with a slurry of fungal-dominant compost from a dedicated Johnson-Su digester.

Agrivoltaic Research

Growing crops below solar panels to improve photosynthesis, humic acid, and soil moisture while providing power.

Edible Trail

Established 116 fruit trees in 2023 with plans to expand to 1.75 acre native edible plants walking trail to meet up with the edible trail being planned at the adjacent Agri-Nature Center.


University of New Mexico Engineers Without Borders installation of a combination of fish and hydroponic growing system in or greenhouse.

Pollinator Garden

A quarter acre of flowering plants established 22-years ago by Alvarado Elementary School.

Climate Change Adaptation

Tracking photosynthesis in relation to temperature and developing tolerant crop plan for two distinct growing seasons for spring and winter gardening.


A land-based 501(c)3 social profit organization