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Grow with us in our Community Garden

The Rio Grande Community Garden consists of two acres of bustling activity from pollinators to cultivators, and serves our city with an abundance of seeds, workshops, mentorship, and community events to give gardeners and members of the public opportunities to grow their own food, support local food networks, and build a network of friends, neighbors, and engaged citizens.

In keeping with RGCF’s ideals, the garden encourages practices such as minimal tillage, heavy mulching, and other soil-building techniques, and prohibits the use of chemical fertilizers and GMO plants.

What you give :

  • Membership Fees – $125 per row/plot*
  • Suggested Weekly Time on Your Row – 4-9 hours per week
  • Volunteer Hours to the Garden – 15 hours per Season

What you receive :

  • 150 sq ft row or plot
  • Access to a variety of hand tools, including shovels, hoes, rakes, and more
  • Routine irrigation for rows
  • Soil-building components such as manure
  • Free seeds and discounts on plant starts from the greenhouse
  • Trellis, tomato cages, stakes and other garden equipment
  • Hay for mulching

Ready to sign up for a row of your own?

2022/2023 Garden Row Registration