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Fergus Whitney

Hops in hops yard

What we do

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The Agri Nature Center role is to encourage a new generation of farmers and growers through programming and giving the community the tools and resources to become a competant in their field. We do this by outreach, education, farming projects and research in small scale agriculture. We welcome new farmers to grow on our lands or in our community. We build connections to help new growers and farmers from land to grant funding.

Land at Ag Center

About the Agri Nature Center

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The Land

The Agri Nature Center is a 25 acre property with large building facility of classrooms and warehouse located at 4920 Rio Grande Boulevard N.W.

The lands consist of Lavender field, Orchard, Hops Yard, Vineyard, 21 Raised beds, Hoop house and Fields of Alfalfa.

The Facility

The Agri Nature Center is community facility for our agriculture mission. At the facility we host festivals, conferences, workshops, farms camps, master gardeners, volunteers to help achieve our agricultural goals. The facility is also has a seasonal farmer who farms the property.



Explora and the village of Los Ranchos host Farm Camps for kids in spring, summer and fall 2020 at the Ag Center.

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