Cordova Tomatoes


The Cordova tomato is a hefty tomato great for making pastes and sauces. Plant start is ready to go in the ground a few weeks into May.

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Please pick up your starters Saturday, April 15th at the Rio Grande Community Farm Barn. For more info on the plant sale and COVID-19 precautions, please visit our Plant Sale info page.

Tomato planting tips

  • Plant your tomato starts a little deeper than they were in their starter pot. Tomatoes are great at growing extra roots, and you’ll have a stronger root base to support a healthy plant.
  • Water near the base deeply, and then refrain from watering for a few days. This will encourage the starts to grow a deeper root system.
  • Tomatoes can self pollinate, but they need a little help. Bees will jiggle the flowers, causing the pollen from the anther to fall onto the stigma, which transfers the pollen to the ovaries that then grow into your tomatoes. If you have an abundance of bees (lucky you!) then you probably don’t need to do much… but if you want to encourage every flower on your cordova tomato plant to grow into a delicious fruit, then just tap the flowers gently to knock the pollen onto the stamen.
  • Tomatoes enjoy rich soil full of active microbial life. Add compost to amend the soil, and be wary of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which can damage the soil ecosystem.

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