Dill starts, ready to go in the ground.

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Please pick up your starters in-person. Saturday, April 15th at the Rio Grande Community Farm Barn. For more info on the plant sale and COVID-19 precautions, please visit our Plant Sale info page.

Dill Planting Tips

  • Both the greens and seeds can be used in cooking. The leaves are a classic herb, and can be cut immediately, while the seeds should be brown before harvesting, and can be eaten fresh or dried for the winter.
  • Dill likes rich soil, so amend with compost or cured manure, but make sure the soil is well drained. Dill produces a deep taproot, similar to a carrot (but don’t eat it), so make sure it has some room to grow down.
  • Dill is self seeding.
  • Dill likes full sun.

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