Ornamental Kale


Ornamental kale is a cool whether plant with full colorful leaves. Colors range from dark greens to purple, red, and white. While ornamental kale is edible, its leaves are bitter and it serves best as an ornamental plant.

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Please pick up your starters in-person. Saturday, April 15th at the Rio Grande Community Farm Barn. For more info on the plant sale and COVID-19 precautions, please visit our Plant Sale info page.

Ornamental Kale Planting Tips

  • Make sure to keep kale well watered.
  • Kale likes full sun but be sure to protect the kale from the sun in the summer.
  • Make sure to mulch and weed frequently.
  • The kale can benefit from trimming off brown or soggy yellow leaves.
  • With proper care, this kale can continue to blossom in the fall.

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