Peppermint start, ready to plant in the ground. Great for tea when dried, and delightfully aromatic.

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Please pick up your starts in-person. Saturday, April 15th at the Farmstrong Spring Festival. Festival admission $5 per person, or FREE with the advance purchase of 2 or more plants.

Mint Planting Tips

  • Mint is a perennial.
  • Mint is tolerant of some shade in New Mexico. It likes morning sun and afternoon shade.
  • Mint will spread underground, and can out-compete other plants, completely taking over a garden bed, so be wary. Consider planting it in a large pot. It can even spread underneath sidewalks to find new soil to colonize.
  • To extend the harvest season, pinch off the flowers as they arrive.
  • Mint can be used to calm an upset stomach, and goes well in salads with lettuce, in , and dried as a tizane.
  • Consider growing some Lemon Cucumbers and dill, and combining them in a delicious, cooling summer soup from Turkey called cacik.


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