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In 2023, with the help of our community and partners, Rio Grande Community Farm accomplished the following:

2023 Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid awarded!

17,000 Attendees Delighted

  • Hosted 17,000 attendees at our events for an average cost below $10 per person including our Spring Plant Sale, Lavender In The Village, and Maize Maze Fall Festival.

100 Community Gardeners SERVED

  • Hosted over 100 Community Gardeners providing land, irrigation, hand tools, compost, and support, including Albuquerque Master Gardeners and an in-patient rehab.

38 MicroFarmers Cultivated

  • Cultivated 38 Micro Farmers with land and irrigation, including Lutheran Family Services Refugee Agriculture Partnership Program, and Mountain Dojo Mountain Celestial Farm Neurodiverse Agriculture Program and four farmers producing for the Downtown Growers Market.


  • Engaged 480 aspiring growers in free and low-cost classes on regenerative and climate adaptive farming practices including 130 people in composting workshops.

10,000 Hours of Volunteer Service

  • Coordinated 268 volunteers who learned new skills while providing over 10,000 hours of service to our community.

6,600 Gallons of Food WASTE Composted

  • Returned 6,600 gallons of neighborhood food waste to the soil in the form of compost, improving soil fertility, diverting contents from landfills, and preventing 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

1,400 Bales Provided

  • Provided 1,400 bales of pesticide-free alfalfa and sorghum that were purchased by eight local farmers.

34 University Students Supported

  • Collaborated with students from UNM’s Engineers Without Borders on our “Aquaponics” System, and from Sustainability Studies on researching farming practices in Los Ranchos, and with a Highlands University Social Work Intern on our Community Survey.

378 Children Engaged

  • Served 378 children in Farm Camps and educational programs including City Open Space, Explora! Montessori, and Alvarado Elementary.

6.75 Acres of Wildlife Forage Maintained

  • Provided 6.75 acres of wildlife forage in the form of bird cropping and permanent habitat.

3.5 to 5% Soil Carbon Attained

  • Attained maximum soil carbon content in our fields by using regenerative agriculture techniques such as no-tillage, heavy mulching, and cover cropping.

3,000 Vegetable Starts Provided

  • Provided 3,000 pesticide-free vegetable starts to the community below market rate with the help of volunteers in our production greenhouse.


A land-based 501(c)3 social profit organization