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"Providing diverse and underserved communities with equitable access to urban farmland and education in sustainable agriculture - prioritizing food justice, biodiversity, and climate resilience."


Demonstrating Sustainable Urban Agriculture

We operate an urban farm on public land using sustainable agricultural methods with the goal of demonstrating these methods for the farming community. We combine indigenous, traditional, and progressive agricultural strategies to improve yield, conserve water, improve soil tilth and fertility, and adapt to climate change. We collaborate with other farms and agencies to share information with underserved communities.

Providing Equitable Access to Grower Resources

We operate a Community Garden that welcomes underserved growers with resources and support in developing their skill sets. We operate a MicroFarm program, providing affordable access to urban farmland, education, and resources for dozens of small growers, who each operate on plots ranging from one eighth of an acre to two acres in size. We offer scholarships to Indigenous Urban Growers-in-need.

Providing Education in Sustainable Agriculture

We provide year-round education programs and special events that teach the community about sustainable and regenerative agriculture, organic gardening, climate resilience, food justice, nutrition, and biodiversity conservation. We train farmers of all ages and engage them in the process of farming on public land for the public good. We train interns in the interdisciplinary aspects of an agricultural non-profit.

Conserving Biodiversity

We plant wildlife crops with the goal of conserving biodiversity. The community is encouraged to visit the Farm for the purposes of recreation and appreciation for our native and migrating species and Middle Rio Grande Valley.

Growing and Celebrating Our Diverse Farming Community

We host signature events that provide education to our community and funding for programs and projects aligned with our Purpose. These events celebrate our local agriculture, raise awareness of our unique heritage and connect our community to resources, experiences, and one another. We partner with folks who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; with women, LGBTQIA+ and Disabled communities, refugee and immigrant communities, the neurodivergent, individuals in Recovery, families, and seniors, those with economic challenges, and organizations representing them. We participate in community events sponsored by other organizations that align with our Purpose.


A land-based 501(c)3 social profit organization